St. Anne's Episcopal School's main campus is located at the intersection of Yale and University in suburban Denver. This school is also fortunate to have another piece of property in the foothills: a sixteen-acre parcel in Indian Hills, only thirty minutes from the school. St. Anne's in the Hills (SAITH) is a wonderful asset, and we value this rural camp which is so convenient to those who live and work in the city.

SAITH is a wooded, quiet, and unspoiled place. This property was deeded to the Sisters of St. Anne by the Ascension Church in 1933, and it was used as a retreat/camp for the Sisters as well as for underprivileged children. There are three buildings on the property- a rustic cabin, a chapel, and a sturdy main building with dorm rooms, a great room, and a kitchen and dining room. Upgrades were performed on the bathrooms, and heat was added during the 2001-2002 school year, which enabled us to increase the number of months in which we are able to utilize this facility.

At present, the vast majority of children at St. Anne's are able to visit SAITH each year for class trips and outdoor education. Plans are currently underway to expand the school's use of SAITH.

Directions for St. Anne's in the Hills