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The St. Anne’s Outreach Committee was created to promote the school’s mission of fostering “a shared purpose of social responsibility and involvement” in our community. Each year, the committee plans a variety of events and programs to provide students and their families the opportunity to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Outreach Events

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Committee Chairs

Shannon Love

[email protected]

Christy Moroye

[email protected]

Courtney Toomey

[email protected]

Ongoing Programs

  • A wonderful hands-on experience where your family prepares and delivers a meal to the Sacred Heart House, a shelter for homeless women and children.  Families are welcome to stay and eat with the residents.  

  • Once a month, unmarked lost-and-found bin items are washed and donated to Clothes to Kids of Denver

  • Care and Concern Program, which is spontaneously engaged as St. Anne’s families require assistance (e.g., meals, transportation), during times of hardship or transition