Experiential learning plays a big role throughout the middle school years.  The sixth grade makes two visits to school’s 15 and a half acre mountain campus up in the foothills outside of Denver.  On the first of these trips, students catch local insects to help them complete their sixth grade “bug project.”  This project involves collecting, pinning, and cataloguing over 20 distinct insects.  On the second visit to the hills, students stay overnight in the dormitories and take part in numerous outdoor group activities.  They learn about the local ecosystem on day-long hikes in the surrounding hills and spend time examining things with an eye to learning more about their surroundings.

6th Grade Classroom Web Pages

Stefanie Bakken

Middle School Spanish, Grade 4 Spanish, MS World Languages Department Chair, Grade 8 Advisor
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Jeff Bird

Grade 6 and 7 Science

Debi Bishop

Grade 6 and 8 Math, Grade 6 Intramurals, Grade 6 Advisor, Grade 6 Coordinator
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John Dicker

Grade 6 and 7 Math, LS Math Dept. Chair
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Ana Dodson

MS Teaching Fellow

Jeff Di Tanna

Math 6-8, MS PE, MS Math Dept. Chair, Grade 7 Advisor
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Tiffany Drees

6 & 7 LA/lit, 6 LE, MS LA/lit dept. co-chair, Self study coordinator, Grade 6 Advisor
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Maggie Kuk

6 and 7 LA/Lit, 7 LE, Teaching Fellow Mentor, Grade 7 Advisor, Study Hall
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Erin Menard

Grades 5-8 French, Grade 6 Intramurals, Grade 6 Advisor
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Warren Saslow

6-8 LA/Lit, Grade 8 Advisor, LA/Lit Dept. Chair
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Dave Vander Meulen

6/8 LA/Lit, Grade 8 L.E.
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Dana Von Schaumburg

MS Learning Specialist, MS L.E., MS Learning Specialist Dept. Chair, Grade 6 Advisor

Joan Whitbeck

6 Social Studies, 6 Advisor, Grade 1 Religious Ed.
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Matthew Krause

6th-8th grade Spanish/Preschool PE/grade 7 advisor