The seventh grade travel south with faculty in the school’s buses to the Great San Dunes National monument.  Following an overnight in tents and a day hike with park rangers, the students head back north to go whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River.  A study of water and a visit to a trout hatchery round out students’ study of Colorado water use.

7th Grade Classroom Web Pages

Laura Boroughf

7 LA/Lit, Social Studies, Grade 7 Intramurals, Grade 7 Advisor, Grade 7 Coordinator
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Jeff Di Tanna

Math 6-8, MS PE, MS Math Dept. Chair, Grade 7 Advisor
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Maggie Kuk

6 and 7 LA/Lit, 7 LE, Teaching Fellow Mentor, Grade 7 Advisor, Study Hall
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Tiffany Drees

6 & 7 LA/lit, 6 LE, MS LA/lit dept. co-chair, Self study coordinator, Grade 6 Advisor
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Stefanie Bakken

Middle School Spanish, Grade 4 Spanish, MS World Languages Department Chair, Grade 8 Advisor
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Jeff Bird

Grade 6 and 7 Science

John Dicker

Grade 6 and 7 Math, LS Math Dept. Chair
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Erin Menard

Grades 5-8 French, Grade 6 Intramurals, Grade 6 Advisor
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Warren Saslow

6-8 LA/Lit, Grade 8 Advisor, LA/Lit Dept. Chair
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Jessica Cardenas

Kindergarten - Grade 2 Art, Grade 7 & 8 Spanish 1
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Dana Von Schaumburg

MS Learning Specialist, MS L.E., MS Learning Specialist Dept. Chair, Grade 6 Advisor

Ana Dodson

MS Teaching Fellow

Matthew Krause

6th-8th grade Spanish/Preschool PE/grade 7 advisor

Al Miller

Chaplain, Grade 7 L.E., Religious Education, Outreach
Phone: 303-756-9481

Kendall Early

7 & 8 Math, MS Innovations, Grade 6 Advisor