Our Grocery Card Program is Expanding!

Gift Card Fundraiser

Turn everyday shopping into money for the school! It's easy, and there is no extra cost for you. In addition to grocery gift cards, you can purchase gift cards to restaurants, clothing stores, home improvement and more. 
3 Ways to Purchase Grocery Cards
2.  Purchase via check or cash in person on Tuesday mornings at school
King Soopers, Tony's, and Vitamin Cottage are not currently offered online. These cards may be purchased anytime by emailing [email protected] or by stopping by the parlor on Tuesday morning. King Soopers cards may be reloaded at their stores.
3. Set-up a Presto Pay account to purchase e-cards (which are available for use immediately) and purchase or reload physical cards.

How to Register Online

  1. Visit GL Scrip.

  2. Join existing program.
  3. Select register on the top right of the screen, select “join a scrip program”

  4. Enter Enrollment code: 7834E8A933329.


          Creating a PrestoPay Account

          1. Log into Shop with Scrip account

          2. Select Dashboard

          3. Select Presto Pay on the bottom right

          4. Enter your bank account information

          5. Scrips will deposit two small amounts into your bank account from Great Lake Scrips Center

          6. Record the deposited amounts

          7. Log into Shop with Scrip, enter the deposit amounts into your Presto Pay registration

          8. Choose a PIN number for online payment

          9. An approval code will appear once a PIN is selected

          10. Provide this approval code to the Grocery Card Coordinators (Megan, Nicole or Emily).  The coordinators will record this code and Presto Pay will be available to make online purchases and reloads.  *


          *There is a .15 transaction fee with Presto Pay purchases.  Checks can be used to purchase Scrips Now e-cards but the cards won’t be available until payment is received

          Placing an Order with GL Scrip

          1. Select the desired physical cards, Scrips Now e-cards or reload

          2. Select submit order

          3. Scrips Now e-cards and most reloaded physical cards will be available immediately if paid using Presto Pay. Cards paid with a check won’t be available until payment is received.  Physical card orders may take up to a month to receive but once received can be reloaded online with Presto Pay or a check.

          4. Scrips Now e-cards can be printed out or can be accessed and used on your mobile device by adding MyScripWallet to the home page of your iPhone or android.  Scrips Now cards can also be gifted to someone.

          Adding MyScripWallet to mobile device

          Iphone: Open browser and search MyScripWallet

          Select add to home screen and tap “add” in upper right-hand corner of your screen.  

          Android: Open Google chrome and type MyScripWallet.

          In options menu choose add to home screen.  Tap add button.



          Contact the co-chairs with any and all questions!

          Emily Barrett, Megan Goodmanor Nicole Lindberg