100% in 100 Days


September 18, 2023: 100% in 100 Days Campaign begins

November 1, 2023: First day to schedule your gift for Colorado Gives Day 2023

December 5, 2023: Colorado Gives Day

December 31, 2023: Last day to donate or pledge to 100% in 100 Days Campaign

June 30, 2024: Pledge payments due for the school's 2023-2024 fiscal year 

The St. Anne’s Campaign is the most important fundraising effort at St. Anne’s. It touches each student and every teacher, making our exemplary programs possible. The St. Anne’s Campaign represents roughly 8% of the school’s annual operating budget and plays an integral role in day-to-day operations. The success of this campaign relates directly to faculty salaries, curricular and extracurricular programs, financial aid, campus maintenance, and much more.

Between September 18th and December 31st, our aim is 100% participation from our current St. Anne’s families. That's 100% participation in 100 days. 

No matter the size of your contribution; $25, $500, $3,000—any amount that is meaningful for your family—it is your participation that counts.

Every gift is appreciated and helps us meet our goal of 100% participation.



100% IN 100 DAYS

Why 100 Days?
The purpose of this time frame is to secure gifts and pledges early, since a solid financial footing paves the way for all the exciting and necessary operations throughout the year. Return to Top
Is Colorado Gives Day included?
Yes! If you make a gift or pledge as part of Colorado Gives Day (December 5, 2023), your donation will be counted in the 100% in 100 Days campaign.
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How is the money used?
Gifts made to the St. Anne’s Campaign are used to recruit and retain top faculty, provide an education balanced in arts, academics, social-emotional development, and athletics, and provide financial assistance to qualified families. Return to Top
How much should I/we contribute?
Please give any amount that feels meaningful. Think about what a St. Anne’s education means to you and your family. Gifts of all sizes are welcome, but the gap is $3,000 per student. Return to Top
How do we reach 100%?
Each family is counted toward a class's 100% goal once we receive their St. Anne’s Campaign gift or pledge. Pledges are not due until June 30, 2024 and can be adjusted accordingly. Return to Top
Is my donation tax deductible?
St. Anne’s Campaign donations are tax deductible. Also, all gifts (except stock, foundation, and donor advised fund gifts) qualify for the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit. Return to Top
We receive Financial Aid, are we still expected to give?
We ask all families, even those on Financial Aid, to contribute to the St. Anne’s Campaign. It is about the participation, not the amount! Return to Top
Why do we fundraise through the St. Anne’s Campaign? Why not raise tuition?
Keeping tuition moderate helps us to attract and retain families. Currently, 20% of students receive tuition assistance.  

St. Anne’s allows each family to give at the level that is meaningful for them.  And charitable gifts are tax-deductible, tuition is not.
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