Did you know the first typewriter was originally made for a woman who was losing her eyesight? This is just one example that inspired St. Anne’s alum and Technology and Innovations teacher, Jason Takahashi ’01, to teach his students the value and potential of technology to provide unparalleled access to information and opportunity. After graduating from Skidmore College, Jason worked as a web and graphic designer - eventually becoming the visual and creative director for a national touring band called Papadosio. He then moved on to teaching tech across the Denver Public Schools district before joining St. Anne’s full-time in 2019. As we keep moving through this unprecedented school year, Jason is actively seeking ways to encourage students “to be open to what is possible with tools like 3D design and printing, as well as learning to program and code.” Given the rich history of St. Anne’s as an inclusive home for healing, Jason hopes “to inspire empathic engineering by weaving the spirit of our Founding Sisters with the help of these incredible tools.” As the son of a polio survivor and graduate of St. Anne’s, he feels “personally called to this mission and [is] really excited to see how current students connect with it as well.” Check out the article Jason wrote to learn more about how inclusion has led to historic breakthroughs in design and innovation that benefit us all: https://www.technologydesigner.com/2020/06/01/inclusive-design/