Becoming an EMT was always something Sejal Porter '15 wanted to do. With the arrival of the pandemic, she had even more reason to pursue it. Sejal is now working 16-hour shifts, sometimes five days a week, on an ambulance serving all of the hospitals in northern Colorado, assisting a lot of COVID patients. On the front lines since last summer, Sejal truly “sees” COVID and is grateful to be able to help. Before the pandemic, Sejal expected to be at NYU and spend a semester abroad in Tel Aviv. She graduated from Arapahoe High School in 2019 and traveled to Europe for six months on her own, skiing in the Alps and attending wine school in London. Unfortunately, after Sejal started NYU in January 2020, she was sent home seven weeks later because of the pandemic. That’s when she decided to become an EMT. She hopes to be back in school in New York in January and pursue EMT training there on the 911 side. Studying abroad is still on her list too. We look forward to seeing what Sejal does next!