El mes de diciembre

Happy December and Happy Vacation, 4th Graders! --Here are the instructions for the assignment related to your favorite things about December to be completed by the day we return to school, Wednesday, January 3: 

Step 1: Take pictures of some of the words you chose for your 12 favorite December things. If you don't remember your 12 favorites, you might consider taking your carpeta home or using the Quizlet list. 

Step 2: Choose your top 5 photos of your top 5 December things and transfer those photos to a computer (Remember the three options Mrs. Worthing taught you: Air Drop, using a cord or having your parent email the photos to himself or herself so they can then be transfered to the computer).

Step 3: Once you have the photos on a computer, put them into a Google slideshow. The title of your Google slideshow should be Diciembre de ___(your name)_____________     

Step 4: Share your Google slideshow with Señora Bakken ([email protected]

Here are two Christmas carols in Spanish plus the Bate, bate chocolate rhyme from class if you feel like singing and dancing!  

Villancicos (Christmas Carols)


4th Grade Spanish Homework

¡Hola, Grado 4! Your homework for your next Spanish class is to study and practice the words you need to play your board games for at least 10 minutes by clicking on this link. I recommend starting with Flashcards to hear the words pronounced in Spanish and to remind yourself what the words mean. Then switch to Match. ¡Buena suerte! P.S. Remember that in your next Spanish class you will be playing your game, but I will also be making a video to see how well you are using numbers, words and phrases as you play. 

Video: Día de los Muertos

Video: Barriletes para celebrar Día de Todos los Santos

Celebración del día de Todos los santos, Santiago Sacatepequez 2013 por skycamguatemala Ver 1.2 from skycamguatemala on Vimeo.

Video: Canción del esqueleto (Skeleton Song)

Unit 2: Juegos

Unit 2 Goals

Game Vocabulary

Vocabulario 4.I: el aula

Vocabulario 4.I: el aula

En mi mochila roja

Rap: ¿Qué tienes en tu mochila?

¿Por qué es tan pesada mi mochila?

¿Cómo te llamas?