At times, for various reasons, a child might encounter  academic struggles. If the child is encountering prolonged academic struggles, parents are encouraged to contact the homeroom teacher or advisor for guidance.

If a teacher observes that a student is experiencing unusual academic learning difficulties, the teacher will contact the parents to schedule a meeting. A Learning Specialist and Division Head might also assist with these conversations.

Recommendations from such a meeting could include:

Implementing classroom accommodations

Enrolling the student in our LS reading or math enrichment program

Enrolling in our MS Learning Enrichment class

Outside educational or therapeutic support

Comprehensive psycho-educational testing

If at any time a parent wishes to pursue independent educational testing for their child, parents are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with the appropriate Learning Specialist. We can offer recommendations of qualified professionals in the area who have worked successfully with St. Anne’s families and the school in the past. The Specialist will also discuss possible communication avenues and recommended accommodations after the testing is completed. Parents should also read carefully the school’s Academic Accommodations Policy in the Family Handbook and contact the appropriate Division Head or Learning Specialist with any questions.

At the beginning of each school year, a lower school Learning Specialist will coordinate a meeting for all lower school students who currently have educational testing on file in order to discuss learning profiles and classroom accommodations. This meeting will include homeroom teachers, parents, and any others working directly with the child. 

In the middle school, all educational testing information, including recommended accommodations, will be reviewed with the faculty at the beginning of each school year.  Additional individual meetings will be scheduled as needed.

Lower school students who need support in the areas of literacy and/or math may receive supplemental support two, three or four times per week for about 30 minutes each time as an alternative to regular scheduled activities. Students in kindergarten through 2nd grade meet with the Learning Specialist according to a schedule coordinated between the homeroom teacher and the Learning Specialist. Students in 3rd through 8th grade meet with the Learning Specialist in lieu of their foreign language class and during their foreign language class period.

For additional questions or concerns in the area of academic learning difficulties, you are welcome to contact one of our Learning Specialists for resources and support.

Name Title E-mail Phone
Dicker, Robin Lower School Math Support 303-756-9481 x328
Ford, Trina Lower School Math Specialist 303-756-9481 x502
Hunnewell, Cynthia LS Learning Specialist (grades 3-5) 303-756-9481 x320
Lev, Maya Middle School Learning Specialist 303-756-9481 x410
Robinson, Charlotte L.S. Learning Specialist 303-756-9481 x231