Our Vision

St. Anne's welcomes and respects all forms of diversity, including age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. Children, families, and faculty from diverse cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles clearly enrich the lives of one another on our campus, and St. Anne's continues to value and appreciate these contributions, talents, and varied perspectives.  Without these, our educational program, our community and our children's experiences would be incomplete.

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Our Commitment in Action at St. Anne's

Below are some of the ways St. Anne’s students, faculty, and parents engage with diversity & inclusion in the community:

One St. Anne’s (Board of Trustees committee focused on community, inclusion, and education)

Affinity groups for students, faculty, and parents

20+ Middle School students attending STAMP, an annual student diversity leadership conference in Denver

Recognized as 1 of 200 Ashoka Changemaker Schools in the world

SAES faculty attend national and local diversity workshops and conferences such as the People of Color Conference, Asian Educators Alliance, Diversity Leadership Institute, CIRCLE Conference and Inclusive Leadership Conference

Annual professional development at all-school and divisional levels

Outreach experiences with a variety of organizations

Commitment to providing windows and mirrors for students’ experiences through a multicultural curriculum

Faculty Committee on Community & Inclusion

Teaching Fellow program for Community & Inclusion

Directors of Community & Inclusion

Leadership School within the Colorado Diversity Network

Regularly-scheduled international travel for middle schoolers (including service and homestays)

Changemakers Club (a 5th-8th grade club focused on volunteering, service, and making the world a better place through empathy, hands-on experiences, and perspective-taking)

Directors of Equity and Inclusion

Kelsey Smith '01

Grades PS- 3, 5 Spanish, Co-Dir. Community & Inclusion, Grade 6 Advisor
Phone: 720-339-6113
Website: Website

Kendall Early '05

Grade 7 & 8 Math, Grade 7 Science, Co-director of Community and Inclusion, Grade 6 Advisor
Website: Website