Coming Together During COVID-19

During this uncertain and trying time, many of our community members have reached out to ask how they can help the school navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you so much for your care and concern. Here are some ways you can support the teachers, administration and community at large:

The 100% Campaign

As we reflect on the current situation worldwide, we find ourselves immediately drawing parallels to St. Anne’s founding back in 1950. The Sisters of St. Anne’s decided to face the unknown, instead of retreat, to help children in need. They saw that moving forward was the only option for them and the children in their care. As we find ourselves now in a similar predicament, with seemingly endless unknowns, we look to our St. Anne’s community to continue moving us forward like our Founding Sisters did.

How do we move forward? We unite as a community. A community where every single person is included and ready to help, 100%, in every way. This means 100% engagement with SADL, 100% participation in the virtual experience, 100% support for our teachers, faculty and students, and 100% financial participation from our community in the St. Anne’s Annual Campaign. To achieve 100% would show that in times of crisis and need, our community continues to move forward together.

Contact Jennie Ruport with any questions.

Jennie Ruport

Director of Development