From the moment you set foot on the St. Anne’s Episcopal School campus, there is something special in the air. Perhaps it is the unique history and heritage of the grounds, dating back to the 1920s, and the main building’s original purpose as a convalescent home for children suffering from long-term illnesses including the polio epidemic of the 1940s. Ramps and baby tubs still there today reflect that past and present care for children. Perhaps it is the beautiful campus grounds, with an exceptional array of plant life and over thirty named gardens. Here you will even find some of the very first strains of certain rose species created on the campus for the Jackson Perkins Company. Or perhaps it is the varied, exciting mixture of educational approaches exhibited in the classrooms, on the fields, and in the hallways. Whether it is a class field trip to the school’s unique eighteen-acre mountain campus in Indian Hills, a middle school science lesson presented with the assistance of modern Smart Board technology, or a cross-grade activity where older and younger students work together as “buddies” in various activities, you will certainly see the beauty and magic that only this top-notch PS-8 school can offer.

More than all these aspects, however, what will likely stand out are the people. From the youngest student to the most veteran teacher, there is an almost tangible sense of shared commitment and focus on what is best for children. There is a pervasive sense that each member of the community feels engaged and supported by our school’s mission, and also a common sense of simple fun is reflected in the faces you meet. It is a happy place where growing good people, embracing the beauty of childhood, and enjoying the process are our central focus.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our community. There is much about our mission, beliefs, history, faculty, staff and administration that we are proud to share. Please explore the links provided on this page and elsewhere on our website, and feel free to contact us at any time. And please visit the place in person to experience that “something special” that is St. Anne’s Episcopal School.