Set foot in the St. Anne’s middle school on any given day and you will find a close-knit group of 130 kids, grades six through eight, working together, or in groups, in any given number of venues.

Lunchtime, recess, athletics, drama productions, middle school assemblies and grade-level town hall meetings all provide moments for students to share the floor, demonstrate leadership and experience the sense of community, family, and belonging that permeates this family-oriented school.

In the classrooms you will discover students hard at work on projects ranging from Spanish “how to” presentations to science dissections to math and geometry lessons exploring the shapes and measurements found in the classroom and the apple orchard outside of its window.

The middle school is departmentalized and it calls on the distinct talents of over 20 faculty members in teaching and advising students on a daily basis.  Words such as kindness, truth and respect form the working lexicon of a group of teachers whose mission begins with the core belief of “making decisions based on what is best for each child.” 

The care and the attention of faculty is perhaps the middle school’s greatest strength both in educating each child to reach her/his academic potential and in keeping a steady emphasis on the development of strong personal character.  Founded as a school for children suffering from polio and like illnesses, St. Anne’s remains committed to instilling in all of its students a sense of responsibility and compassion toward the greater community. Please browse the middle school links to learn more about our program.