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A Day At

St. Anne's



7:45 am

Morning Greeting

A handshake at the school gate starts the day.

8:00 am

School Assembly

The community gathers regularly to share news and celebrate accomplishments.

8:20 am


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9:00 am

Character Education

At St. Anne’s, we believe in educating for character at every grade level. Students learn to make meaningful contributions to the greater community.

10:30 am

Physical Education

We believe that physical education is as important as educating the mind.

12:00 pm

1:00 pm


The St. Anne’s curriculum balances high quality academics, athletics, arts and technology.

2:00 pm


Religious education at St. Anne’s is inclusive of all faiths and beliefs. The school focuses on spiritual development and discovery through a study of major world religions.

2:30 pm

Traditions & History

Many of the traditions that are still practiced at St. Anne’s began with our Founding Sisters, the Order of St. Anne.
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Our History

3:15 pm

After-school Activities

St. Anne’s offers a number of enrichment activities, including music lessons, drama, technology and athletics. Extended Day is also available before and after school.
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