Rich Amend

8 LA/Lit & Social Studies, MS Social Studies Dept. chair, Grade 8 Advisor, Grade 8 Coordinator

Joined St. Anne's in: 2007

Degrees & Certifications: Bachelor of Arts

Years in education: 17

Favorite thing about St. Anne's: The kids, the faculty, and the campus.

Why did you choose to teach?: Keeps me young and engaged. Kids are our most critical resource as a species. Why not try to impact them in a positive way?

Hobbies or interests outside of school: Music, running, camping.

Stuck on an island what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book: The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway

Stefanie Bakken

Middle School Spanish, Grade 4 Spanish, MS World Languages Department Chair, Grade 8 Advisor

Joined St. Anne's in: 2014

Degrees & Certifications: B.A. Spanish/Portuguese, M.A.Spanish & Latin American Literature/WL Education

Years in education: 23

Favorite thing about St. Anne's: It's hard to name just one thing! Creative, supportive, and FUN colleagues that work as a team and love our SAES kids. I love being part of our wonderful middle school in which our students feel safe, loved, and supported to navigate the confusing ups-and-downs of the tween years.

Why did you choose to teach?: I teach because of the impact that learning a language in school had on me. It gave me the opportunity to be able to communicate with a whole new world of people and be immersed in everyday life in other cultures. I want everyone to have the superpower of understanding and speaking another language! I also teach because middle schoolers are magical!

Hobbies or interests outside of school: Building things and doing art projects, camping, being in nature, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, dancing, and listening to music, and working in the garden.

Stuck on an island what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:: Any giant book with lots of poems in it because you can read poems over and over again, and they are different every time you read them.

Stephen Bertles

Kindergarten Teacher

Joined St. Anne's in: 2018

Degrees & Certifications: Bachelors in Human Development with Licensure in Early Childhood Education

Years in education: 10

Favorite thing about St. Anne's: My favorite thing about working at St. Anne's is the overwhelming sense of community that permeates throughout the campus. From the moment I first visited, to walking into work every day, it feels amazing! The support, camaraderie, and teamwork is the best! It feels amazing to be a part of something that is so extremely special.

Why did you choose to teach?: From the moment I was in first grade I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Sister Janet Marie made going to school something to look forward to each and every day. Knowing what an impact that makes on young learners, I knew it would be a daunting task. However, it has been one of the most fulfilling choices I have ever made. Seeing the excitement of students eager to come into the classroom tells me I have the best job ever.

Hobbies or interests outside of school: My dog! Juggling, dancing, volleyball, and hanging out with my family!

Stuck on an island what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:: If I knew I would be stuck in advance, I would want it to be the Bible! However, if I just happened to be stuck without prior insight--it would be probably be some new book purchased for my classroom--latest purchase--The Happy Book by Rachel Kempster

Sumant Bhat

Head of Middle School; Innovations, RE/FOCUS

Jeff Bird

Grade 6 and 7 Science, Science Dept. Chair

Joined St. Anne's in:

Degrees & Certifications:

Years in education:

Favorite thing about St. Anne's:

Why did you choose to teach?:

Hobbies or interests outside of school:

Stuck on an island what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:

Deb Bishop

Grade 6 Math, Grade 8 Science, Grade 6 Coordinator, Grade 6 Advisor
Website: Website

Laura Boroughf

7 English, Social Studies, Grade 7 Advisor, Grade 7 Coordinator
Website: Website

Char Brady

Preschool, Extended Day Director
Website: Website

Marcia Brennan

Grade 1 Assistant Teacher (1M)

Adair Brenneman

Administrative Aide

Julia Brown

Development & Alumni Coordinator

Kris Buckley

Receptionist, Study Hall Lead

Jessica Cardenas

Kindergarten - Grade 2 Art, Preschool PE, Yearbook
Website: Website

Pat Clark


Bill Clough

Head of School

Erin Cody

Kindergarten Teacher
Website: Website

Jordan Craig

4-8 Music, LS Band, MS Jazz Band, Grade 8 Intermurals
Website: Website

Jeff Di Tanna

Math 6-8, MS PE, MS Math Dept. Chair, Grade 7 Advisor
Website: Website

John Dicker

Grade 6 and 7 Math, LS Math Dept. Co-Chair
Website: Website

Terry DiNicola

Head Librarian, Library Dept. Chair
Website: Website

Tiffany Drees

6 & 8 English, Grade 8 Spanish, MS English Dept. Chair, Self Study Coordinator, Grade 6 Advisor
Website: Website

Adriana Early

Executive Assistant to the Head of School, Yearbook Editor

Kendall Early '05

Grade 7 & 8 Math, Grade 7 Science, Co-director of Community and Inclusion, Grade 6 Advisor
Website: Website

Katje Falkenstein '95

Director of Outdoor Education, 8 lab asst.
Website: Website

John Fitzgerald

Grade 3 Teacher
Website: Website

Trina Ford

Grade 2 Teacher
Website: Website

Emily Forgett

Campaign Coordinator

Lori Frank

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Cynthia French Hunnewell

LS Learning Specialist
Phone: 3037569481

Geenie Gartland

Grade 2 Assistant
Website: Website

Don Gifford

Preschool-Grade 1 & Grade 4-5 Science, Grade 7 Intramurals, Grade 7 Advisor
Website: Website

Joan Gilbert

Asst. librarian/music
Website: Website

Kim Grant

Grade 4 Teacher
Website: Website

Michelle Gutru

Phone: 3037569481

Jeff Harden


Amy Hart

Grade 5 Teacher
Website: Website

Matt Howard


Katherine Huamani

Lower School Head

Ruth Hund

Grade 2 and 3 Science, Grade 3 and 4 Technology, Grade 7 Innovations, Grade 8 Math
Website: Website

Heather Hussey

Lower School Learning Specialist
Website: Website

Patty Jordan

P.E., Grade 8 Advisor
Website: Website

Mandy Keiley

Preschool Co-Teacher
Website: Website

Alyssa Kitts '04

Grade 3 Teacher, LS Language Arts Chair
Website: Website

Matthew Krause

Grade 6-8 Spanish, Grade 7 Advisor, Grade 7 Intramurals, Grade 7 Innovations
Website: Website

Maggie Kuk

6 and 7 English, 7 LE, Grade 6 & 7 Innovations, Grade 7 Advisor, Study Hall
Website: Website

Bill Lane

Grade 5 Teacher, Math Dept. Co-Chair
Website: Website

Jason Lemire

Grades 4 -8 Drama, Preschool PE, Grade 8 Intramurals, Grade 8 Advisor, Fine Arts Dept. Chair
Website: Website

Emily Maas

Grade 4 Teacher
Website: Website

Julie MacDonnell

Business Office Accountant
Phone: 3037569481

Ann Marsh Rutledge

LS Math Support
Website: Website

Marissa McCullough

Grade 1 Teacher
Website: Website

Reeny McKleroy

P.E., Director of Athletics

Erin Menard

Grades 5-8 French, Grade 6 Intramurals, Grade 8 Advisor
Website: Website

Andrew Messick


Al Miller

Chaplain, Religious Education, Outreach
Website: Website

Sara Miller

3rd Grade Assistant

Margaret Mitchell '90

Grade 7 English
Website: Website

Angela Moreira

MS Learning Specialist and Dept. Chair, Grades 6-8 LE, Grade 6 Intramurals
Website: Website

Lucy Murphy '02

Director of Communications, Special Events Coordinator

Kelly Murray

Preschool Teacher

Pat Narajka

P.E., Grade 8 Advisor

Kristen Niemitalo-Woods

Grade 5 Assistant
Website: Website

Olivia O'Neill

Grade 1 Assistant (1Y)

Eliza Perry

Grade 4 Assistant
Website: Website

Judy Persing

Chief Financial Officer

Charlotte Pritchard

L.S. Learning Specialist

Carey Radochonski

Kindergarten Assistant

Elsa Reyes


Juan Reyes


Jenni Richards

2nd Grade Teacher
Website: Website

Jennie Ruport

Director of Development

Tim Seitz

Director of Plant Operations

Rick Sigler

Grades 3-8 Art Teacher
Website: Website

Kelsey Smith '01

Grades PS- 3, 5 Spanish, Co-Dir. Community & Inclusion, Grade 6 Advisor
Phone: 720-339-6113
Website: Website

Jason Takahashi

Technology and Digital Innovations Teacher
Phone: 3037569481

Emilio Valadez

MS Teaching Fellow, Grades 6 and 7 Learning Enrichment
Website: Website

Emmy Valet

PreK-3 Music, LS Choir, MS Choir, St. Anne's Singers
Website: Website

Dave Vander Meulen

6/8 English, Grade 8 L.E.
Website: Website

Marcia Voss

Administrative Assistant and Registrar

Joan Whitbeck

6 Social Studies, 6 Advisor, Grade 1 Religious Ed.
Website: Website

Glen Worthing

Director of Technology

Jennifer Worthing

Director of Instructional Technologies
Website: Website

Nancy York

Grade 1 Teacher, Social Studies Dept. Chair
Website: Website