SADL - St. Anne's Distance Learning

What is SADL

SADL (“saddle”) is the newly developed St. Anne’s distance learning program designed to accommodate the social-emotional and academic needs of our PS-8th grade students during an extended period of time when on-campus learning is unavailable.

The purpose of SADL is to provide authentic learning experiences through thoughtful curriculum planning, flexible scheduling, and consistent connections with peers and teachers.

At the center of SADL is the belief that St. Anne’s remains committed to educating minds, enriching hearts, and expanding horizons.

Goals and outcomes

Educating Minds

Our goal is to provide continuity in learning for our students. 

  • Our approach will be intentional and guided by student-centered learning.
  • Our faculty is committed to curating distance-learning programming that will challenge and develop the skills of each of our students. 
  • Innovation and the use of technology will allow us to meet students where they are and “make decisions based on what is best for each child.”

Enriching Hearts

Our priority as educators is to care for the social-emotional well-being of our students.

  • There will be space and time in our weekly schedules to connect students and teachers in a consistent and supportive structure.
  • We will celebrate growth, nurture questions, and, most importantly, strengthen our class communities.
  • Through the vehicle of technology, students will bond with peers and seek out support from teachers. 

Expanding Horizons

With the launch of SADL, we are given the opportunity to expand our horizons as learners, educators, families, and a community.

  • We aim to explore different outlets for student creativity, leadership, and innovation.
  • We will encourage the exploration of passion projects, hobbies, and activities. We hope you will share these adventures in learning.

Family overview

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We need your feedback!

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