Glen Worthing

Director of Technology
Joined St. Anne's in: 2007

Years in education:

Favorite thing about St. Anne's:
I love taking care of St. Anne's and keeping it running so that the entire community can enjoy uninterrupted access to the technology they require.

Why did you choose education?
I didn't really choose education, education chose me, and once I experienced that feeling of helping out 5-year old Kindergarteners navigate through Carmen Sandiego and Math Blaster, I knew I found a great place to build a career.

Hobbies or interests outside of school:
Any time I can get my hands on something to try and figure out how it works so that I can keep it running, that's great. Any type of walking, hiking in the burbs and in the outdoors.

Stuck on an island, what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:
I don't read books. I would sit and listen to the ocean, hike to all parts of the island and explore, fish and hunt for food, figure out how to spark a fire, and then start building a way to some day get off the island and name it Gilligan!