Affinity groups at St. Anne's provide an opportunity for students and parents with similar backgrounds and experiences to gather in a safe space where they can share pieces of their backgrounds and build common connections in their community.  We hope that these opportunities help individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their own and others' stories.  Our intent is to provide a safe forum for meaningful and personal dialogue that strengthens a sense of belonging in our community as well as ownership and pride regarding one's own identity.

Affinity and Alliance Group Opportunities

Parent Affinity Groups

Neurodiversity: Heather Hussey, Angela Moreira

Parents of Students of Color: Sumant Bhat

New Families: Lori Frank

Student Affinity Group

Students of Color (available for middle school students): Kendall Early, Emilio Valadez, Sumant Bhat

Parent Alliance Groups

Parent Allies for Identity & Gender Equality (PAIGE): Stefanie Bakken, Tiffany Drees

Student Alliance Groups

Student Allies for Identity & Gender Equality (SAIGE): Kelsey Smith

Please contact any of the individuals who are associated with a group for further information.


Kelsey Smith '01

Grades PS- 3, 5 Spanish, Co-Dir. Community & Inclusion, Grade 6 Advisor
Phone: 720-339-6113
Website: Website

Kendall Early '05

Grade 7 & 8 Math, Grade 7 Science, Co-director of Community and Inclusion, Grade 6 Advisor
Website: Website