Affinity groups at St. Anne's provide an opportunity for students and parents with similar backgrounds and experiences to gather in a safe space where they can share pieces of their backgrounds and build common connections in their community.  We hope that these opportunities help individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their own and others' stories.  Our intent is to provide a safe forum for meaningful and personal dialogue that strengthens a sense of belonging in our community as well as ownership and pride regarding one's own identity.

Affinity and Alliance Group Opportunities

Parent Affinity Groups

Neurodiversity: Cynthia Hunnewell, Angela Moreira

Parents of Students of Color: Kendall Early

Parents White Anti-Racist Group: Angela Moreira, Kelsey Smith

New Families: Lori Frank

Student Affinity Group

Students of Color (available for middle school students): Kendall Early, Emilio Valadez

Parent Alliance Groups

Parent Allies for Identity & Gender Equality (PAIGE): Stefanie Bakken

Student Alliance Groups

Student Allies for Identity & Gender Equality (SAIGE): Kelsey SmithEmilio Valadez

Please contact any of the individuals who are associated with a group for further information.


Kelsey Smith '01

PS-3 Spanish, Grade 6 Advisor, Co-director of Community & Inclusion
Joined St. Anne's in: 2011

Degrees & Certifications:
BA Colorado College 2009 Major: Anthropology - Minors: Education & Central American Studies; Master of Arts in Teaching: Elementary Education 2010- Colorado College

Years in education:

Favorite thing about St. Anne's:
The people. From students to families to colleagues to alums, St. Anne's is a community of caring people grounded in humility, gratitude, and empathy. Day in and day out, I can give my all to these people while knowing that they will fill me and fuel me to keep going. It's an energetic cycle that keeps me invigorated and inspired.

Why did you choose to teach?
Attending St. Anne's as a student from K-8, I was fortunate to have such phenomenal teachers who cared deeply for me. From early on, I felt drawn to coming back to teach at St. Anne's and be a part of that magic. Through high school and college, I coached kids tennis in the summers. No matter the context, I have always loved being around kids. Their energy, spirit, and light make me the best version of myself. I am motivated by helping them to know themselves, to be thoughtful & responsible members of their community, and to find joy in learning. And that helps me to do the same on my journey.

Hobbies or interests outside of school:
Spending time with family & friends, kickboxing, learning Brazilian Portuguese, gardening, going on walks, and playing tennis-- anything outside! Reading Young Adult books about social justice, and cuddling with my cats, Leo & Luna.

Stuck on an island, what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:
Nevertheless, We Persisted: 48 Voices of Defiance, Strength, and Courage

Kendall Early '05

Director of Inclusive Teaching & Learning, Grade 8 Math, Director of HS Placement
Joined St. Anne's in: 2015

Degrees & Certifications:
BA in Sociology and Minor in Economics

Years in education: 

Favorite thing about St. Anne's:
I love the people and the community. Adding that I am an alumnus, St. Anne's simply feels like home to me.

Why did you choose to teach?
I teach because I enjoy working with kids, but I truly love teaching content and discussing life lessons/habits that hopefully will positively impact students in the future. I also have decided to teach because I enjoy helping (in any small way) students become passionate about learning, as I realize that this drive and excitement can lead them to learn more about themselves, others, and the world. Learning and feeling the joy associated with learning will always create a spark that helps students follow their interests and dreams.

Hobbies or interests outside of school:
I love reading, and I really enjoy any sports-related activity.

Stuck on an island, what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:
I would bring The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.