When Bryn Taplin ’17 started handing out her lino-cut prints at school, she was just doing it for fun. They became so popular a friend suggested she start charging for them; eventually, Bryn created her own Etsy shop. Her first customer was in Oregon and she’s sold over a dozen prints, stickers and patches since opening (she’s even sold a Beatles poster to Mr. Amend – pictured here). Bryn is currently a senior at Colorado Academy, pursuing her interest in the arts; she loves graphic design and digital is her favorite medium. Bryn draws inspiration from artist Eva Malley looks back fondly on her art classes with Mr. Sigler at St. Anne’s. Before going to college at University of Vermont, Bryn plans to take a gap year in Banff as a ski guide for six months. She also hopes to travel around the U.S. and work as a freelance graphic designer. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Bryn!