As a physician, “I appreciate everything the community is doing to help hospitals,” says William Comfort ’99 who works as a doctor in the emergency room and ICU in Greely and Fort Collins hospitals. After graduating from St. Anne’s, Will went on to Kent Denver and then majored in chemical engineering at CU Boulder before going to medical school at University of Colorado Denver. He spent his residency in Detroit before moving back to Colorado in 2014. He looks back on his teachers at St. Anne’s as some of the best he’s ever had and says he almost felt like a “celebrity on campus” because of his grandfather, John Comfort, Head of School from 1980 to 1994.  John “set a clear example that a person should use their ability to help the people around them. He helped so many kids during his career; I am very proud to be his grandson.”


And Will is following in his grandfather’s footsteps by helping others as a doctor on the front lines. The northern Colorado hospitals where Will is working do have PPE stocked but he’s had to reuse his N95 masks (unheard of a year ago) and the hospitals have had to double up patients in ICU rooms with patients being transferred from two states away. Fortunately, Will received the vaccine in December (pictured here).


When he’s not working, Will enjoys skiing and snowboarding at his favorite resort, Winter Park. He is learning to SCUBA dive and is a big Broncos fan. Will also loves taking his dogs to visit all of the dog parks around Denver. Currently working on plans to pursue humanitarian work outside of the country, Will is hoping to join Doctors Without Borders in the near future.  Will is one of St. Anne's many heroes during the pandemic and we thank him for all his work.