At St. Anne’s, there were few spaces where Dan Lovato ‘10 felt most in control, powerful and safe – the music room with Mrs. Gilbert; drama with Mrs. Casperson; and English with Mr. Amend. They caught the theater bug from Mrs. Casperson and ended up starring as the lead in almost every play. They were the only member of the tap-dancing club and a key member of the jazz band. These spaces meant a lot to Dan, who identifies as non-binary, queer and mixed-race and now uses the pronouns they/them. Unfortunately, in their early years, that identity often made Dan a target. As a result, Dan said in an interview with VoyageLA, “Resilience was a trait I developed early and cultivated for most of my life.” Dan has channeled that resiliency into poetry and performance, used as forms of self-care. At the young age of 25, Dan has a successful career in writing, performing and poetry, a trailblazer for those who may not see themselves on stage or on screen. They want to make sure that everyone knows their voice matters.

After St. Anne’s and high school at Kent Denver, where they were captain of the Speech and Debate Team, Dan Lovato ’10 decided to attend Whitman College in the Northwest and double majored in theater and politics with a big focus on performance and queer theory. Dan is currently living in Los Angeles working towards their MFA with a focus on playwriting and acting. They hope to eventually lead a bicoastal lifestyle working in New York and LA after completing their masters. This past year has also been good to Dan; despite the pandemic, they have been able to expand their audience through a weekly virtual POC Open Mic Night. Follow Dan on social media to see how their story unfolds in the years ahead @pastichequeen.