Liz Walker (Alumni Parent)

Kimberly Neckers (Current Parent)

Nicole Lindberg (Current Parent)

Advisory Members

Head of School
Chris Cox

Assistant Head of School
Lori Frank

Alumni Representative
Buffy Fisher '82 (Alumni)

Chief Financial Officer
Chris Bennett

The Reverend Al Miller

Director of Development
Jennie Ruport

Parents' Association Representative
Catie Lipsey (Current Parent)

Voting Members

Emily Barrett '95 (Alumna & Current Parent)

Megan Cannizzaro (Current Parent)

David Chung (Current Parent)

Jeff Elsner (Current Parent)

Molly Engles (Current Parent)

Bill Howard (Current Parent)

Mark Jenkins '95 (Alumnus & Current Parent)

Heather Lew (Current Parent)

Scott Lichtenberger (Alumni Parent)

Nicole Lindberg (Current Parent)

Sarah Mengshol '87 (Alumna & Current Parent)

Mike Neary (Current Parent)

Kimberly Neckers (Current Parent)

Liz Walker (Alumni Parent)

Annie Weinig '95 (Alumna & Current Parent)

Kristen Wiley (Current Parent)

Board of Trustees Committee Structure

Executive Committee

  • Consists of the officers of the Board—President, Vice President, and Secretary
  • Handles issues of particularly sensitive nature
  • Negotiates contractual matters with the Head of School and conducts their evaluations

Audit Committee—Scott Lichtenberger, Chair

  • Provides risk oversight in but not limited to the following areas: campus security, student security and safety, off-campus programming, cyber security, sexual assault, economic risk, enrollment risk, insurance coverage, and drug policies

Building and Grounds Committee—David Chung

  • Oversees building projects
  • Maintains long-range campus plan for maintenance and new structures

Committee on Trustees— Nicole Lindberg & Emily Barrett, Co-chairs

  • Plans annual Board retreat
  • Cultivates, chooses, and orients new Board members
  • Coordinates Board evaluations

Development Committee—Molly Engles & Mark Jenkins, Co-chairs

  • Oversight and Implementation of the school's development plan
  • Oversees Major Gifts portion of Annual Campaign

Diversity Committee—Heather Lew, Chair

  • Oversees diversity issues and diversity long-range plan
  • Plans yearly schoolwide diversity programs

Heritage Committee—Sarah Mengshol, Chair

  • Organizes the school's archives and preserves the school's history

Investment Committee—Bill Howard, Chair

  • Oversees the management of the school’s investments including the Endowment Fund

Finance Committee—Kimberly Neckers, Chair

  • Oversees the school budget and other schoolwide financial matters

Strategic Planning Committee—Megan Cannizzaro & Annie Weinig, Co-chairs

  • Coordinates the long-range planning process
  • Sets priorities to ensure that this plan is carried out over time

Policy on Joining a SAES Board Committee

The SAES Board of Trustees performs much of its operational work within a committee structure. Each committee is chaired by a Board member and is comprised of Board members, school administrators, parents/past parents and sometimes alumni. The Executive Committee and the Committee on Trustees are the only exceptions. Due to the sensitive nature of discussions, these committees undertake, membership is comprised of selected Board members. However, parent and trustee involvement is encouraged and very much appreciated for all remaining committees.  Some committees actively seek new members while other committees function better as a small group of individuals with a certain expertise. Therefore, Board committee membership is always at the discretion of the committee chair.

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