Liz Walker (Alumni Parent)
David Chung (Current Parent)
Kimberly Neckers (Current Parent)
Nicole Lindberg (Alumni Parent)

Advisory Members
Head of School
Chris Cox
Assistant Head of School
Lori Frank
Alumni Representative
Buffy Fisher '82 (Alumna)
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Bennett
Ana Khlopina
Director of Development
Jennie Ruport
Parents' Association Representative
Ginny Jaccaud (Current Parent)
Faculty Representative
Geenie Gartland
Director of Community, Belonging and Engagement
Miriah Royal

Voting Members

Emily Barrett '95 (Alumna & Current Parent)

Ali Boyd (Current Parent)

Megan Cannizzaro (Current Parent)

David Chung (Current Parent)

Tyler Downs (Current Parent)

Jeff Elsner (Current Parent)

Molly Engles (Current Parent)

Bill Howard (Current Parent)

Mark Jenkins '95 (Alumnus & Current Parent)

Heather Lew (Current Parent)

Nicole Lindberg (Alumni Parent)

Sarah Mengshol '87 (Alumna & Alumni Parent)

Mike Neary (Current Parent)

Kimberly Neckers (Current Parent)

Vickie Puchi (Current Parent)

Amit Sabharwal (Current Parent)

Liz Walker (Alumni Parent)

Annie Weinig '95 (Alumna & Current Parent)

Board of Trustees Committee Structure

Building and Grounds Committee—David Chung

  • Oversees physical assets, consisting of buildings and land, with projects to maintain, renovate and expand  structures and/or properties  

  • Manages long-range campus to align with the school’s strategic objectives and mission 

Committee on Trustees— Nicole Lindberg & Emily Barrett, Co-chairs

  • Implements good board governance  

  • Determines the composition of the board: identifies, recruits, and orients new trustees  ? Oversees board growth and development through continuing education for trustees 

Development Committee—Molly Engles & Mark Jenkins, Co-chairs

  • Works in partnership with the development staff and Head of School to oversee the board’s advancement  strategy, goals, and objectives  
  • Helps to facilitate overall giving to the school by soliciting gifts for annual and capital campaigns 

Diversity Committee—Heather Lew, Chair

  • Helps engage the board at the appropriate level on school culture, the student experience, and DEIB  matters  
  • Works collaboratively with the head and staff to foster DEIB principles and practices embodied in the  school’s mission and values  
  • Helps to develop, revise, and assess the implementation of long-term strategic DEIB initiatives and policies 

Heritage Committee—Sarah Mengshol, Chair

  • Ensures the history and heritage of St. Anne’s are preserved and continue to be a grounding value in our  school’s future  
  • Preserves the archival materials of the Sisters of St. Anne’s as well as St. Anne’s Episcopal School 

Investment Committee—Bill Howard, Chair

  • Oversees the management of the school’s investments including the Endowment Fund 

Finance Committee—Kimberly Neckers, Chair

  • Working closely with the Head of School and CFO, the finance committee oversees the overall financial and  budgeting activities of the school and the expenditure of funds relative to the operation 

Strategic Planning Committee—Megan Cannizzaro, Chair

  • Coordinates the long-range planning process  
  • Sets priorities to ensure that the plan is carried out over time 

Risk Management Committee - Jeff Elsner, Chair

  • Provides risk management oversight including, but not limited to, the following areas: campus security, on  campus events, student security and safety, off-campus programming, cyber security, sexual assault,  economic risk, insurance coverage, and drug policies