Campus Changes and Updates:

Campus will look different when your child returns in the fall. You can expect to see many changes. 


  • Classrooms have been assigned for individual cohort use. 

  • Students will enter and exit through entry points designated to no more than 3 cohorts. 

  • Most Lower School students will enter their classrooms directly through cohort-exclusive exterior doors. 

  • All classroom furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, and excess furniture has been removed to maximize space. 

  • Most classroom spaces will have 6 feet of space between seating. 

  • Students will have their own materials; school supplies will not be communal.

  • Windows, doors, and HVAC systems have been tested to provide additional airflow. 

  • Air ionization will be located in areas where airflow is limited.

  • Co-curricular spaces have been transformed into cohort spaces, and teachers are working hard to make these spaces feel like home. 

Outdoor Enhancements:

  • Signage and markers will be visible throughout campus to remind students of COVID-19 distancing practices.

  • Outdoor spaces have been designated for grade-level cohorts to play and learn outdoors.

  • The athletic field will be used exclusively for physical education.

  • Doors into the buildings will be propped every morning and afternoon to minimize contact with surfaces.

  • Handwashing stations will be available in set locations throughout the buildings and outside. 

Other Enhancements:

  • Two new drop-off locations to assure increased physical distancing.

  • Two new classrooms were built, and many other spaces have been transformed. 

  • Every usable space on campus is now either a classroom, office, or outdoor meeting space.

  • Handrails that previously were difficult to clean have been removed, stripped, powder-coated, and reinstalled to allow easy disinfecting.

  • Traditional drinking fountains have been shut down. Only automatic bottle filler functions will be available.