Visiting Washington, DC and More

In eighth grade, students take a winter trip to Winterpark ski area to further build class unity in advance of their spring class trip to Washington DC.  The overnight trip includes an evening of “tubing,” and the following day involves skiing on the slopes of Winterpark and MaryJane ski areas.  In March, the entire eighth grade travels to Washington DC.  The group starts in Williamsburg, Virginia, a central point in American history.  From there, the class continues to Norfolk,Virginia, home of the Atlantic fleet and site of the naval museum.  Continuing up north, the class hits a number of national monuments, tours the Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian and National Archives and takes in an evening play at the Kennedy Center.  The trip provides a comprehensive look at the nation’s capital.

Art, Drama, Music Program

Project 8

In Project 8, 8th-grade students reflect on their own personal stories and values that matter most to them to create a This I Believe essay. Working in small groups with a mentor, they write an essay, deliver the speech in front of their classmates and parents, and create a podcast.  Not only do students learn a great deal about themselves in this experience, but they learn more about their classmates. 

8th Grade Classroom Web Pages

Rich Amend

8 LA/Lit & Social Studies, MS Social Studies Dept. chair, Grade 8 Advisor, Grade 8 Coordinator
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Stefanie Bakken

Middle School Spanish, Grade 4 Spanish, MS World Languages Department Chair, Grade 8 Advisor
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Debi Bishop

Grade 6 Math, Grade 8 Science, Grade 6 Coordinator, Grade 6 Advisor
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Jeff Di Tanna

Math 6-8, MS PE, MS Math Dept. Chair, Grade 7 Advisor
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Ana Dodson

MS Teaching Fellow, Grades 6 and 7 Learning Enrichment
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Tiffany Drees

6 & 8 English, Grade 8 Spanish, MS English Dept. Chair, Self Study Coordinator, Grade 6 Advisor
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Kendall Early

Grade 7 & 8 Math, Grade 7 Science, Co-director of Equity and Inclusion, Grade 6 Advisor
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Joe Figlino

Grade 8 Science Lab
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Ruth Hund

Grade 2 and 3 Science, Grade 3 and 4 Technology, Grade 7 Innovations, Grade 8 Math
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Matthew Krause

Grade 6-8 Spanish, Grade 7 Advisor, Grade 7 Intramurals, Grade 7 Innovations
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Erin Menard

Grades 5-8 French, Grade 6 Intramurals, Grade 8 Advisor
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Margaret Mitchell

Grade 7 English
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Angela Moreira

MS Learning Specialist and Dept. Chair, Grades 6-8 LE, Grade 6 Intramurals
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Dave Vander Meulen

6/8 English, Grade 8 L.E.
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