Technology Support

Tech Support:

Call or Email someone from the Tech Department. 

Glen Worthing, 303-756-9481 (x 222), [email protected]

Jennifer Worthing, 303-756-9481 (x221), [email protected]

Jason Takahashi, 303-756-9481 (x219), [email protected]

Updates to the Dress Code:

As outlined in A Safer St. Anne's Family Handbook, adjustments to the dress code this year have been made to enhance comfort for all students and limit extended periods of time changing for middle school physical education. 

  • All students should wear attire that is appropriate for the classroom setting, physical education, and for times when they may be sitting in the grass during an outdoor lesson. This includes active clothing, such as athletic T-shirts, gym shorts, warm-up pants, yoga pants, and socks.
  • All students should wear shoes that can be worn during P.E. activities as well as during the day.
  • T-shirts should not have large logos or messages.
  • Please see the dress code section in the Family Handbook for other specifics related to appropriate attire, noting that athletic attire will be permitted through November 2020.