Welcome from the Head of School

Head of School

Welcome to St. Anne’s Episcopal School. On behalf of our entire school community, I invite you to learn more about this magical place, but I also extend an invitation to personally visit our extraordinary campus and speak with the special people who comprise the school. Modern electronic tools simply cannot adequately convey the rich and storied past, exciting present, and bright future that is St. Anne’s. You have to see it to believe it!

With a long and interesting history, St. Anne’s Episcopal School traces its roots to the Sisters of the Order of St. Anne, a group of whom arrived in Denver in 1929. With a mission of caring for children in need, they provided education and solace for area children suffering from polio and other difficult conditions. Thanks to the advances of modern medicine, these services eventually became less critical, but the Sisters’ love of children and education prompted them to form a more traditional independent school in 1950. Many years later, the school has grown into one of Denver’s premier coeducational schools with 431 students in grades preschool through eight, but the foundation and commitment to character, compassion, and service to others established by those founding Sisters still permeate everything we do.

Another component of the “magic” that is St. Anne’s is its unique campus. Nestled within the urban limits of Denver, Colorado, at the corner of University Boulevard and Yale Avenue, the school offers an oasis of beauty and serenity. Spectacular gardens and a staggering variety of plant life adorn the grounds, and beautiful but equally functional buildings house the classrooms. Where else can you walk past rose gardens that spawned some of Colorado’s first and original hybrids, listen to the gentle chimes of a chapel bell dating back to the 1800s, and enter a new, state-of-the-art Lower School to observe a lesson taught via SmartBoards? Add to that an additional seventeen-acre experiential-education facility in the foothills outside of Denver called St. Anne’s in the Hills, and it is difficult to imagine a more unique or effective environment for educating children.

Our Mission and Beliefs guide every aspect of life at St. Anne’s Episcopal School. Please review those items elsewhere on the website. We are an inclusive, family-oriented school. Promoting character, scholarship and a commitment to serving others are central to our heritage and goals for the present and future. And our focus is always on what is best for the child.

Again, welcome to St. Anne’s. We hope you will also find the time to visit in person to see for yourself all that makes this community so very special.

Alan Smiley
Head of School