Welcome to St. Anne’s Episcopal School!

It is hard for me to imagine that you will find another school so deeply committed to serving children as we are.  Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that we were founded by an Episcopal nun, Mother Irene, affectionately known as “Mother.”

Mother’s personality is deeply woven into our school community.  She loved and served God, kids, and nature, and she valued hard work.  She was humble, innovative, competitive and quick to laugh. But her life story is incredible in part because she had a habit of turning setbacks into comebacks.  Despite being poor and eventually orphaned, she earned a BA and MA by 1921 (talk about being ahead of your time!) before committing the rest of her life to serving children.

One feels a sense of purpose here.  Our trees and flowers remind us that nothing beautiful grows without attention and that beauty itself has something to teach.  Our campus is designed to feel small, even though it isn’t. You will not see names on any buildings here but one, the Mother Irene Library.  We learn by doing, we learn by failing, and we learn by adjusting and then doing again. By knowing and loving our students, we introduce young people to themselves, we stretch their thinking, and we prepare them for a life of service and learning.

From our suburban campus to our mountain campus, we are not too good to be true.  We are true, and therefore we are good.

There is a great deal of information on our website, and I thank you for visiting it.  To really know us, however, you need to visit us, and I hope to see you soon.


Bill Clough

Head of School