Following a successful year with a predictable Monday-Friday schedule, our 2021-2022 schedule will continue that practice.

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We anticipate a return of movement from class to class in both the Lower School and Middle School. This means that, for most co-curricular activities, students will not remain in the same classroom all day. In order to achieve this transition, our classrooms will hold standard-sized homerooms (max 23) and classes throughout the campus. Modifications to classroom furniture will support the recommended distancing guidelines.



We are eager to bring back cherished co-curricular classes as well as a return of designated classrooms for our co-curricular subjects, such as art, drama, and music. Our co-curricular spaces are optimized to support a wider variety of activities, so we are eager to see them used to their full potential.

Some notable adjustments:



Drama will make a full return to 4th-8th grade schedules with culminating productions.


Physical Education and Intramurals

Physical Education and Intramurals will continue to take advantage of the expansive field and the Colorado weather as often as possible. On inclement weather days, we expect the gym to be readily available when needed. Physical education and middle school intramurals will return to a daily schedule in the Lower School (K-5) and Middle School.


Religious Education & RE/FOCUS

Religious Education & RE/FOCUS will resume in our Lower School and Middle School classrooms.

Class Chapel

A key part of the St. Anne’s experience involves gathering for religiously inclusive chapel services. Given space demands and group sizes, we anticipate utilizing the larger on-campus spaces to host chapel by grade. 


Dining Services

We are excited to reopen the servery in our dining hall. With that reopening, all students and adults will get choices in their dining experience with both hot and cold meals. We expect to continue the use of outdoor spaces and classrooms for eating through at least the fall. We will continue to evaluate the safety of the shared dining space. 


*Extended Day*

Extended Day will resume on a reservation and pay-by-hour basis. We will utilize 3 spaces on campus to keep students spread out. The hours of Extended Day will be 3:00-5:30 PM. More information on reserving a spot will be available in the FYI.

Please note the following changes to Extended Day:

Authorized parents/caretakers are required to pick up their child, and they must sign their child(ren) out. 

For Fall 2021, we will not have morning Extended Day. Gates will open at 7:40 AM, and students will be supervised during morning recess on the athletic field and the playgrounds. This change will help us to help manage both contact tracing and staffing. 

Study Hall will be combined with our Extended Day program and will be subject to the standard Extended Day hourly rates. Students wanting to study or do homework during Extended Day will have a quiet place to work. 

Reservations for all Extended Day services will be required, and families will be billed for the hours their children attend. 

Extracurriculars and After-school Clubs

Another integral component of the St. Anne’s experience is life beyond 8:00-3:00 PM. 


Middle School Sports

Middle school sports will resume; however, interscholastic competition will largely depend on ACIS, our peer schools, and CHSAA decisions. Regardless, we plan to offer after-school intramurals for Middle School students if school-to-school competition does not resume.

Music Lessons and Band/Orchestra/Strings

Private music lessons and music groups will resume in accordance with CDC and CDPHE guidelines. 


After-school Enrichment offerings will be evaluated in August. Current transmission rates and state/county guidance will dictate our ability to offer daily after-school enrichment. This will largely depend on requirements for contact tracing for each individual after-school activity and the mixing of grades and students that happens after school. 

*Remote Learning (Temporary)*

Temporary remote learning will be offered for students who must miss school for COVID-related reasons, e.g., when a student is required to quarantine/isolate due to COVID-19 exposure or illness and is not experiencing symptoms. There will be a grace period of ONE school day for students before joining their classes remotely. (For example: if there is a COVID-19 exposure on Saturday, the grace period day will be Monday.) This will give teachers time to organize materials and communicate with families as well as give parents time to pick up materials.

In instances of classroom closures due to COVID-19, students who are required to quarantine will transition to temporary remote learning. Vaccinated faculty/staff and vaccinated students without symptoms will not have to quarantine and can participate in-person/on campus.

Preschool through Kindergarten

Remote learning will NOT be offered for any subjects or co-curricular classes for PS-K. If the entire class is in quarantine, an abbreviated remote learning option will be available. 


First Grade through Fifth Grade

Remote learning for literacy, math, and social studies will be offered to students in grades 1-5 who are required to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19. Positive test results or a doctor’s note may be required to begin remote learning. 


Co-Curricular Classes (Grades 1 - 5)

Remote learning will NOT be offered for classes not taught by the homeroom teacher or the assistant. Self-paced asynchronous activities will be provided by some teachers/subjects. 

Sixth through Eighth Grade

Remote learning for middle school classes will be offered to students in grades 6-8 who need to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19. However, circumstances for remote learning by teacher and by class will be explained further in the fall. Positive test results or a doctor’s note may be required to begin remote learning.

Long-term Remote Learning

Long-term remote learning options or remote learning for reasons other than COVID-19 will NOT be offered. 

Please note: Remote Learning offerings will be evaluated monthly and are subject to change. Statewide vaccination availability may impact remote learning changes. 



We ask that families please refer to our looking ahead dates when planning family trips and vacations. We are unable to accommodate remote learning for any travel, and students are expected to make up work as they would in any normal year. 

Sick Days

When students are sick or not feeling well due to illness (COVID or non-COVID symptoms/illnesses) or injury, they will NOT participate in temporary remote learning. Rather, the students should get plenty of rest and focus on their health at home. Students will be expected to make up work as they would in any normal year.

St. Anne’s Distance Learning (SADL)

In the event of a school closure related to COVID, St. Anne’s will pivot to SADL and communicate any changes to remote learning as soon as possible.

Other School Closures

In the event of a school closure NOT related to COVID, such as inclement weather, remote learning will NOT be an option for students.

St. Anne's in the Hills/Outdoor Ed

St. Anne’s in the Hills has been a highlight of our outdoor education programming for many years. The 2021-2022 school year welcomes the return of day trips for K-8 students. The possibility of overnight trips will be evaluated at the start of the year.

Service Learning

Service-learning will be evaluated in August and will depend on partner organizations. Should these organizations still have restrictions, divisions will find ways on campus to support our greater community through service-learning.

*Social-Emotional Well-being*

The care and well-being of our students is central to our school’s mission. Through the thoughtful and deliberate enhancement of signature practices and programs like morning meetings in the Lower School and advisory in the Middle School, we continue to focus on the social-emotional health of our students. Currently, we expect an in-person return of: 

  • Grades K-5 Social/Emotional and Behavioral Health Classes 

  • Buddy Program

  • Religious Education & Grades 6-8 RE/FOCUS 

  • Lunch Bunches 

  • Affinity & Alliance Groups

  • Character Power

  • Availability of Individual & Family Counseling Services

See the Family Handbook or your family portal for more details about the services listed above.


Student Services

Our focus on providing the best support we can for each student means that we will reintroduce student services, including library, after-school tutoring and academic support, counseling, speech and hearing testing, and on campus High School Counseling for 8th-grade families.  If you would like more information about utilizing Student Services, please contact your child’s Division Head. 


St. Anne’s holds as a value the importance of face-to-face interaction, hands-on experiences, and student-centered learning. While the previous year saw an increased need for technology, we look forward to limiting the use of technology where no longer necessary and making more intentional the times when we do use technology. We will remain a 1:1 device school in K-8; however, device practices will look different depending on grade.

  • K-3 Devices will be located on a cart and remain at school (unless required for quarantine or isolation).
  • 4-5 Devices will travel between home and school based on assignments and at the teacher’s discretion.
  • 6-8 Devices will travel between home and school.

In the event of a need for technology for remote learning, we have modified our approach and policies (see Remote Learning).