An Endowment and Capital Campaign Connecting Our Mission to the Next Generation of Learners

St. Anne's is so excited to embark on a $9M Endowment/Capital Campaign to grow our endowment and expand our mountain campus, St. Anne's the Hills, programmatically and physically. 

Our current community has the opportunity to create a legacy and further solidify our mission of educating minds, enriching hearts, and expanding horizons. Through this Campaign, we plan to strengthen and grow the philosophical and programmatic roots that will foster our next generation of good people. 

Endowment Growth - $7M Goal

  • Provides St. Anne's the opportunity to continue offering our faculty and staff the most up to date professional development opportunities, competitive salaries and benefits, and ensuring that St. Anne's continues to hire the best faculty and staff for our students.
  • Increasing the endowment allows St. Anne's to increase our financial aid benefit capabilities, allowing the school to maintain an inclusive and diverse community. 
  • Enables St. Anne's to moderate tuition increases and protect against future economic downturns.

St. Anne's in the Hills - $2M Goal

  • Investment in the facilities and programming at St. Anne's in the Hills is an opportunity to nurture our children's growth while differentiating St. Anne's from our peer schools. 
  • The fully remodeled facility allows for year-round curricular and leadership opportunities for our students.
  • Allows for an expanded outdoor education program through additional staffing and resources and outdoor educational tools (including a low ropes course.)

Watch the video below to learn more!

THANK YOU to our Campaign Co-Chairs (Gregg and Molly Engles, Keith and Angie Oxenreider and Luke and Brooke Simpson), Campaign Steering Committee, and the entire St. Anne's community for giving our students, now and in the future, the roots to grow into thoughtful young adults.