During the fall of 2017, the Technology Department conducted a survey (adapted from Common Sense Media) of 4th-8th grade students to measure knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors around their digital lives. The following spring, another similar survey went out to all SAES parents concerning their children’s digital lives. 52% of SAES families responded to the survey, and the major takeaways from the survey were used to make the attached infographic.

The Technology Department looked at data across grade levels to understand media-use trends as children age. We also compared students’ answers with parents’ answers to assess whether students and parents have similar perceptions around media use.

It is clear that SAES parents consider teaching their children to be good digital citizens extremely important. Yet, parents are seeking guidance in finding appropriate ways to address concerns around technology.

Digital Life Survey 2018

There is a link toward the bottom of this infographic that says "Click Here to complete your customizable Family Media Plan recommended by the AAP".  I have included the link here since the link will not work on the image.