Dear St. Anne's Episcopal School Community,

Over the past week, I have spent time pondering one of our founding values: faith. I want to convey my gratitude for the shared faith that binds us together, nurtures resilience, and fosters meaningful connections among us.

Beyond being just a PS - 8 school, St. Anne's is a closely-knit community offering mutual support and encouragement. This collective belief in our community's strength creates an environment where everyone is acknowledged, valued, known, and inspired to thrive.

Our commitment to education is deeply rooted in faith, dating back to the establishment of our school in 1950 by the Sisters of the Order of St. Anne. Their vision crafted a school characterized by compassion and a commitment to education. When Sister Irene sought guidance on how to build the school, the answer that she received from Mother Noel was succinct yet profound: "With faith."

Today, both within classrooms and beyond, I am continually impressed by the potential displayed by our students. Their daily actions consistently emphasize the importance of belief in one’s own ability and trust in each other. Their dedication to educating and mentoring younger students in the community is notable. Moreover, their trust in their teachers becomes a reciprocal lesson, illuminating the impact of strong student/teacher relationships. This is a direct acknowledgment of the strength that comes from having faith in oneself, others, and the community, highlighting the practical dimensions of this value within our educational community.

Our faculty and staff embody this faith through their unwavering commitment to fostering our students' intellectual and emotional growth. Their dedication goes beyond knowledge acquisition. Our educators act as mentors and role models in every classroom and interaction, guiding students academically and cultivating virtues beyond textbooks. They mold students into individuals who not only excel academically but also embody the cherished values of St. Anne's that are dear to us all and live out our motto, “We grow good kids.”

To our alumni, we extend a heartfelt thank you for embodying the values of a St. Anne's education. Your achievements illustrate the inherent value of our educational approach, demonstrating the impact of St. Anne's extends beyond eighth grade and well into adulthood.

We are grateful for our generous donors, whose unwavering support reflects a steadfast belief in the mission and values of St. Anne's. Through your generosity, we can provide valuable opportunities and resources that enrich our students' educational journey, fortifying the school's strength and longevity.

Above all, I want to acknowledge the shared faith within our community. The engagement in the early stages of the strategic plan was truly remarkable, showcasing our community's unity in shaping the future of St. Anne’s. The energy in the room from faculty and staff and parents reminded me that people are genuinely invested in this community and are excited and eager to help shape the future.

As we gather with loved ones to express gratitude over the next week, let us celebrate the faith that defines us. I hope this Thanksgiving is a moment for reflection, appreciation, and the reaffirmation of our commitment to cultivating a community where faith, in all its forms, remains one of our founding values.

I wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving and a joyful upcoming holiday season.

Go Cyclones,
Chris Cox
Head of School