Sam and Grace Masoudi were killed on August 4, 2008, when a plane crashed into a home on the Oregon coast where they were staying while on vacation. Sam was twelve and Grace was eight. Their cousin, Julia Reimann, age 10, also died.   

Sam and Grace had glorious lives.  Sam was a boy of great character, known for a gentle and kind spirit, love of books and Greek mythology, Legos, golf, Tae Kwon Do, playing "The Entertainer" on the piano, exotic foods, and his Chihuahua Odette. Grace was a radiant girl who loved her family, many friends, putting her hair in a ballet bun, the Poppleton and Fancy Nancy books, sparkling pink clothes, “underdoggies” on the swingset, and a card game called Pounce [remembrance]. St. Anne's was their home away from home, and they thrived in its tight-knit community of teachers and families, as well as its beautiful gardens. St. Anne's nurtured their intellectual, moral, physical and spiritual development. After the accident, they were remembered by a large gathering of friends and family in the sunken garden [link to memorial service program].

The Sam and Grace Masoudi Memorial Fund was established at the time of their deaths. The Fund partners with the local Challenge Foundation [] to make St. Anne’s available to talented, but financially disadvantaged middle school students. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty by providing an excellent education and extensive support to children from low-income families in an enriched environment where the vast majority of children go on to complete college. The foundation provides mentoring, case management, summer programs, tutoring, transportation and a holistic range of services tailored to the individual children. Their partner schools provide most of the tuition. Thus, the Sam and Grace Masoudi Fund supports tuition for Challenge students enrolled at St. Anne's.

With the help of the fund, the first two Challenge students came to St. Anne's in 2009. Two new students join the 6th grade annually so that St. Anne's has a cadre of six Challenge students at a time. The Challenge Foundation has an excellent track record, and the program has been immeasurably positive for the individual students as well as the broader St. Anne's community. To continue this mission long term, however, the Fund must grow substantially. Any support for the fund, now and in the future, will be deeply appreciated.