Emmy Luckose

Preschool Assistant, Preschool Music
Joined St. Anne's in: 2010

Degrees & Certifications:
Professional Licensure: Music K-12 Certificate for Colorado, MA in Music Education (Eastman School of Music), MM in Music Theory (Florida State University), BA in Music cum laude, with honors in Music (Williams College)

Years in education:

Favorite thing about St. Anne's:
Definitely the wonderful students!

Why did you choose to teach?
I love teaching students of all ages! I enjoy getting to know each student, celebrating each learner’s strengths, and helping each student to learn and grow as both a person and a scholar. I have been blessed to teach students of all ages at various points in my career, from preschool through college. I believe that teaching is one of the few careers where one can truly make a difference. If you ask an adult about role models in life, often that person will mention a favorite teacher they had growing up. I was blessed with some amazing music teachers! I hope to similarly inspire a love of music in the students I teach. Music can bring so much joy to learners of all ages!

Hobbies or interests outside of school:
A few of my favorite hobbies include: playing piano and flute, singing, going to concerts, watching movies, reading, traveling, and going for walks with my fiancée and our dog in Colorado’s beautiful towns and parks.

Stuck on an island, what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:
I would bring a songbook with lyrics to some of my favorite songs.