Kristen Niemitalo-Woods

Grade 5 Assistant
Joined St. Anne's in: 2018

Degrees & Certifications: ;
I have my Bachelor's Degree from Wheaton College, IL, and I am pursuing my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at The University of Denver.

Years in education: 

Favorite thing about St. Anne's:
St. Anne's was founded on the service and sacrifice of the Sisters. Their work permeates the culture of the school; the people at St. Anne's strive not just for excellence in their work but also strive to foster love and a culture of service. Families, students, faculty, and staff at St. Anne's continually amaze me with their thoughtfulness, kindness, and willingness to help one another. This kind of social community does not exist everywhere but is vital for raising children. I am so grateful to work in a community that cares so deeply for one another.

Why did you choose to teach?
I teach because I love children, and I teach because I love the process of learning. Questioning, dialoguing, reading, designing, writing, rewriting, and creating are exhilarating. I love when students make a connection or question an assumption they once had; I love when students create something original or show their voice in their writing. In college, I fell in love with philosophy (in which I have my degree). At the end of college I realized that what I loved was the process of learning and teaching. After college I enrolled in the Boettcher Teaching Residency Program which challenged me to understand the complexity of teaching and its importance.

Hobbies or interests outside of school:
When I am not hitting the books for school or working, I love cooking, reading, writing, and over the summer, backpacking and hiking. I am an active participant in my church and am interested in environmental issues.

Stuck on an island, what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book:
Right now... Simone Weil's Gravity and Grace.