The Department of Athletics of St. Anne’s has dedicated itself to the development of the total student-athlete. The varied athletic opportunities encourage all participants to reach their maximum potentials physically, socially, and mentally.  The program is designed to work as an important cooperative part of the school community, rather than as a separate entity.

The philosophy of the program centers on developing physical fitness, athletic skills, self-confidence, pride in effort, self-esteem, and a lifelong sense of fun in physical activity. Players will gain a sense of sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork, and self-sacrifice, while working toward individual and common goals. The athletic program is intended to promote a high level of participation for all middle school students. It is understood that the choice to participate may be at the expense of other non-school activities.

The school recognizes that winning is important, but believes the ultimate value of athletics is the joy of having completed a regimen of athletic training to the best of one’s abilities. At St. Anne’s, athletics foster this value.