Parent Tour/Interview

The admissions process begins in the fall prior to your child(ren)’s anticipated enrollment year. The journey begins with an individualized parent tour/interview with the Director of Admissions. Please call or click below to schedule your parent visit. Plan to spend about 90 minutes on campus.

The Admissions Process

Application & Fee

At your parent tour/interview, you will receive instructions on how to complete an online application....

*The application fee may be waived for families applying for tuition assistance. Contact the admissions department for more information regarding fee waivers.

Recommendations and Transcripts

This step varies by grade level.  For applicants to Preschool through Grade 5, parents will provide the ...child’s current teacher with a link to the classroom teacher recommendation form. Note that this step will be waived for young children who have not yet attended school.

For applicants to Grade 6 through Grade 8, parents will provide the child’s current English teacher, math teacher, and school principal/counselor with links to the appropriate recommendation forms.

A transcript release form will be provided to all applicants to Grades 1 through 8 so that parents can forward student records to St. Anne’s.


An educational evaluation is NOT required for preschool or kindergarten candidates, but parent(s)/guardian(s) are welcome provide results if they are available.

All candidates to Grades 1-4 must provide educational testing results: Differential Abilities Scale (DAS) or Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC). A list of recommended testing specialists will be provided upon request.

All candidates to grades 5-8 should register for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). To register, visit or call the school for more information.

Families applying for financial aid may qualify for testing fee waivers.  Please contact the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for more information regarding fee waivers.

Student Visit

Once an application has been submitted, the admissions department will contact parents/guardians to schedule the ...student applicant’s visit.

Applicants to Preschool will visit in groups of 8-10 on specially designated dates in January. These visits last one hour and focus primarily on play.

Applicants to Kindergarten will visit in groups of approximately 20 on one of two designated dates in January. These visits last two hours and feature an informal assessment as well as play time.

Applicants to Grade 1 will visit the Kindergarten class for approximately three hours on a regular school day.  

Applicants to Grades 2 through 8 will shadow their current grade level for a full school day

Admission Decision

Parents/guardians will be notified of their children’s admissions status on a date designated by the Association ...of Colorado Independent Schools. The notification date typically falls in late February (middle-school candidates) or early March (preschool-Grade 5). Students applying outside of the regular admissions dates can expect notification within a few days of the completion of all of the steps outlined above. If applying for tuition assistance, families will be informed of their financial award at the time of their admissions notification.

Tuition Assistance

The school partners with SSS by NAIS to determine the family’s qualification for tuition assistance. Click the ...button below to learn more about the application process for tuition assistance. Applications and recent tax returns will be reviewed by the school’s Financial Aid Committee. Learn More

Contact Admissions

Lori Frank

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Marcia Voss

Administrative Assistant and Registrar


Parents/guardians are encouraged to submit applications online by January 16, 2019. Please note that the school may continue to accept applications for wait pool spots throughout the year.


Applicants to half-day preschool (morning or afternoon) must be 3 years old by September 1. Applicants to full-day preschool must be 4 years old by September 1. (Note that 4-year olds may also be considered for half-day spots if parents prefer.) Applicants to Kindergarten must be 5 years old by September 1.

If your child is too young to be considered for next year’s enrollment, we encourage you to visit our Parent Preview in November. This is a great opportunity to tour the school and learn more about our mission, history and program. The Parent Preview can help you to decide if you are interested in completing the application process at a future date.

Factors for Admission

Once all the appropriate papers are in order and the visit has taken place, the Admissions Committee, comprised of a group of representative teachers and school administrators, convenes and reviews the application. St. Anne’s is supportive of students of varied talents and abilities. The school is, however, not equipped to deal with academic, developmental, emotional or behavioral issues that the Admissions Committee deems extreme. While the school may seek to make moderate, reasonable accommodations for students of varied talents and abilities, admission can never be guaranteed. The Admissions Committee takes a variety of aspects into account when determining if the school is able to provide an appropriate fit for a student. Student and parent/guardian visits, test scores, class visits, teacher recommendations and transcripts are all considered when determining an applicant’s status for admission.

Tuition Assistance

The school partners with School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS in our financial aid process. Parents submit an application to SSS and also submit recent tax returns to the school’s admissions office. SSS processes financial aid applications and makes recommendations to the school.  The school’s Financial Aid Committee examines these recommendations as well as the recent tax returns and then makes decisions regarding each family’s eligibility for assistance. The Committee balances two factors in considering requests for financial aid: a family’s financial need and the school’s ability to grant assistance while remaining within its budget.