About Our School

St. Anne’s Episcopal School is an independent school in Denver, Colorado, serving students in preschool through 8th grade. St. Anne’s has a rich history of caring for children. Since first opening as a school in 1950, our goals have been to provide children with a nurturing and uplifting environment where children are supported. We aim to foster a community of character, humility, and kindness, while providing a balanced program that includes high-quality academics, athletics, and the arts.

Facts and Figures

Year founded: 1950

Current enrollment: 418

Student profile: Age 3 (by Sept 1) through 8th grade

Faculty: 66 (45% with advanced degrees)

Student/faculty ratio: 8:1

Memberships: National Association of Independent Schools, Association of Colorado Independent Schools, National Association of Episcopal Schools

2018-2019 Tuition: $11,062 (half-day preschool) - $24,895 (middle school)

Over $1.3 million in tuition assistance awarded to 22% of our students last year

What makes St. Anne’s Different

Our Community

At St. Anne’s the community of parents, faculty, staff, and students set us apart from your average school. We believe that education is collaborative and everyone has a part in a student’s upbringing.  We are a community that is inclusive and focused on our mission to educate minds, enrich hearts, and expand horizons. We believe character and integrity are paramount.  Our moral, ethical, and spiritual foundation inspires our students to go on to make lasting and significant contributions to society. Service learning is a part of our curriculum every day; and parents, faculty and staff alike are encouraged to participate in this fundamental part of the St. Anne’s mission

Our Campus

There is no place quite like St. Anne’s. Hidden just outside of the Denver metro area, St. Anne’s is a 7-acre campus that inspires students on a daily basis. When the weather is right, witness students learning in our one-of-a-kind outside classroom, or developing their drawing skills in the midst of our colorful gardens. 

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Smart boards, access to iPads and computers, and rooms that are bright with natural light provide ample spaces for learning.  Newly built lower school and performing arts buildings incorporate shared spaces where students can learn and work collaboratively.

Lastly, access to our 16.5-acre mountain campus allows students to get outside to learn and explore in a new setting. At St. Anne’s in the Hills (SAITH,) students in grades K-8 visit on a regular basis. Sometimes, SAITH is used for science lessons or outdoor education lessons, but other times it is simply an opportunity for our students just to be outside in nature with no assignments or plans.

Our Graduates

Our schools unique preschool through eighth-grade design provides a consistent and nurturing experience from early childhood through the first stages of adolescence. At St. Anne's students make strong connections with their teachers and peers. With a caring community of support during these formative years, St. Anne's helps students grow into role models and leaders. Grounded in the values and traditions of our Founding Sisters and empowered by their sense of belonging, St. Anne's graduates know themselves, care for others, and strive to serve and improve their communities. More specifically, our graduates

are morally grounded;

advocate courageously for themselves and others;

are empathetic and inclusive;

respect themselves, others, and their environment;

communicate effectively;

think critically and creatively;

are committed to learning;

are resilient through challenges and humble in successes;

play, laugh, and build friendships;

seek physical, mental, and spiritual balance through reflection and gratitude.