A Day in the Life of a St. Anne's Episcopal School Student

The school day begins with the ringing of the bell at 8 a.m., marking the start of a day filled with exploration and growth. Throughout the day, students fully engage in our diverse educational experiences that shape their character, inspire service, and foster a sense of wonder. As the day unfolds, students participate in discussions, projects, and activities that challenge their perspectives and ignite curiosity.

Moving through our 7-acre campus, students learn in various spaces such as science labs, art rooms, and the design thinking and innovation lab. The campus also features our chapel, library, theater, and outdoor classroom, offering opportunities for reflection, creativity, and connection. Our bustling dining hall serves as a place to gather and share meals, strengthening our sense of community.

Our campus in the foothills serves as a special chance for students' experiential outdoor learning that develops a deeper connection with nature throughout the school year. 

As the final bell chimes at 3:00 p.m., the day's experiences leave a lasting impact, shaping students who are open-minded, compassionate, and excited about their journey of discovery.

The extended day program, which goes until 5:30 p.m., ensures that the learning and personal growth journey continues beyond traditional school hours.