The middle school advisory system pairs students with teachers who serve as their guides, mentors, and advocates on all aspects of middle school life.

In sixth grade, there are five advisory groups of 9 students each.  In seventh and eighth grades, groups average 8 students per advisor.  Advisors are middle school teachers who spend a great deal of non-academic time with their charges and serve as the “go-to” person for students and their parents.  Advisors strive to form a deep and trusting relationship with their advisees. 

They are present to support, to advise, and to sit in on both the tough discussions as well as be a part of the silly moments. Groups meet twice a week at the start of the school day.  This times allow students to study, organize materials, chart out the week’s academic calendar, and of course, to chat, and to simply be present with a teacher and a small group of peers outside of the routine schedule of daily classes.  Advisory lunches, regular celebrations, buddy programs with lower school students, group-building activities, gender split discussions, and various other events are often organized around advisory groups.