Mission Statement

Grounded in our founding values, we cultivate a community of curious and compassionate learners who are inspired to serve and enrich our world.

Our Values

St. Anne's is committed to:

Making decisions based on what is best for each child.

Honoring the history and traditions of the founding Sisters of St. Anne's and their Judeo-Christian values. 

Welcoming and respecting all forms of diversity. St. Anne's is inclusive in human and spiritual terms.

Fostering a community of character, humility and kindness.

Surrounding children with outstanding, innovative and inspirational teachers who strive for academic excellence in a nurturing environment. St. Anne's recognizes the important role that each adult mentor plays in supporting each child's development.

Encouraging family participation in school and community activities. St. Anne's believes in serving the community in thought, word and deed.

Cultivating a safe, healthy and welcoming environment. St. Anne's preserves the beauty and serenity of the campus that embody the school's heritage.