Our Commitment to Character Education

The Character Power program at St. Anne's is another way in which we honor the heritage of the Sisters of St. Anne's and the mission of the school to, simply put, grow good kids. This program supplements the school's focus on academics, arts, athletics, service learning, and spirituality by helping develop a strong moral character in our students. 

What sets this program apart is that it is conducted by in-school parent volunteers. This gives parents the opportunity to enjoy meaningful time in the classroom and rewards the children with continued guidance from the parent community. 

  • Parents teach in the classroom once a month from October through May directly after All-School Chapel, where the school's chaplain provides a sermon on the virtue of the month.

  • Each month focuses on a different virtue - Respect, Hope, Service/Faith, Loyalty, Love, Courage, Honesty, and Justice - character virtues that reflect and support our school values, helping us raise "curious and compassionate learners.”

  • The monthly lessons center around the stories told in books thoughtfully curated by our librarian to represent the best character-building examples from around the world.

  • Teachings on the virtue are reiterated throughout the rest of the month in both the classroom and at home.

Each year, the Character Power program continues to be enhanced through a partnership between our parent volunteers, the faculty, and our school chaplain. Their devotion to the program brightens the hearts and minds of the children, helping them develop character, compassion, and a strong moral compass.