Service has always been at the heart of St. Anne’s Episcopal School. Our Founding Sisters first came to Denver with the goal of taking care of children who were suffering from illnesses such as polio and tuberculosis. Later, they created a school with the purpose of meeting the needs of children who were not being well served by their neighborhood schools. Today, service learning is embedded in the curriculum of the school and reflected in our mission statement:

What is service learning, and how is it different from volunteering or other one-time philanthropic efforts? Primarily, service learning is a pedagogical model that combines critical thinking, social responsibility and civic education to benefit authentic community partnerships. It is a way to practice and express our values, to form thoughtful leaders, and to inspire a heart for positive change. Service learning is at the nexus of theory and “real world” experience, and is intentionally designed in response to the genuine needs within our community, be it the classroom, the school, our city, or even the world. Service learning teaches agency, ownership, belonging, and is driven by students’ agency. It does not bypass historical causes of social and economic inequalities, but it allows students to develop civic and cultural literacy and to enhance personal growth and self-image. At its core, service learning remains about helping and empowering other people. But rather than simply sharing goods or money, service learning focuses on providing opportunities for real engagement with others, guided by the cycles of investigation, planning, action and reflection. 

Key features of our service learning program: 

Designated dates for lesson planning and program implementation
Teacher-led lessons
Integration with the curriculum
Opportunities for student reflection on their experiences

Topics explored in the 2023-2024 school year:

Gratitude (PS/PK)
Pet care (K)
Support for our community (Gr. 1)
Wildlife (Gr. 2)
Food insecurity (Gr. 3)
Wildfire prevention (Gr. 4)
Literacy (Gr. 5)
Recycling and composting (Gr. 6)
Microloans (Gr. 7)
Trail building at St. Anne’s in the Hills (Gr. 8)

“At first I felt sad that there are people in the world who need this much help. Then I felt happy that I could actually do something about it as a 3rd grader. And at the end, I looked at what we harvested and I was so excited and proud of what we accomplished." - St. Anne’s Student


At various times throughout the school year, the Outreach Committee of the St. Anne’s Parents’ Association offers opportunities for families to perform community service through projects such as packing lunches for Safe Outdoor Space and raking leaves for A Little Help. The committee also collects food, books, clothing, shoes, toiletries, and/or funds to support community organizations.