2020-2021 School Year

Due to COVID-19, Enrichment options will be limited for fall 2020. Check the weekly FYI for more information and stay tuned for virtual offerings. 

St. Anne's Enrichment Options

Extended Day

St. Anne’s offers an Extended Day program that provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for students before and after school. Morning Extended Day is available at 7:00-8:00 AM, and Afternoon Extended Day is available at 3:00-6:00 PM. A reasonable hourly rate applies, and students may attend on a drop-in basis.


Children who attend Extended Day may participate in a variety of indoor and/or outdoor activities. The atmosphere is designed to enhance the social development of each child and to support the mission and beliefs of St. Anne’s.

Advanced Strings Ensemble

Advanced Strings

Violin, viola and cello students who are at the Suzuki Book 2 level and can read music are welcome to join this ensemble! We will play pieces from the Suzuki repertoire, as well as supplemental music. Students must be enrolled in private lessons. The Intermediate/Advanced ensemble meets Tuesday mornings at 7:15 AM.

Club Sponsor: Brittany Hensley (Violinist). 

Art Club

Art Club is open to students in Kindergarten through middle school. Art clubbers will draw, paint, work with clay and participate in many creative activities.  
Club Sponsor: Rick Sigler, Art Teacher (Grades 3-8). 

Beginning/Intermediate Strings Ensemble

Violin, viola and cello students who are able to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” are welcome to join this ensemble! We will play pieces from the Suzuki repertoire, as well as supplemental music. Students must be enrolled in private lessons. The beginning ensemble meets Thursday mornings at 7:15 AM.

Club Sponsor: Brittany Hensley (Violinist).

Changemakers Club

The St. Anne’s Changemakers Club is for 5th through 8th graders who want to engage with organizations and people in the local Denver community. These students will be involved with volunteering, service, and making the world a better place through empathy, hands-on experiences, and perspective-taking. There is no cost for the club. 
Click HERE to check out the Changemakers Club website!
Club Sponsors: Kelsey Smith (Spanish Teacher) & Stefanie Bakken (Spanish Teacher). 

Drama Club (Grades 2-5) & What's the Drama (K&1)

The Lower School Drama Club is dedicated to cultivating imagination, improvisation, and teamwork. With countless activities and games at our disposal, every Drama Club class will explore a combination of ensemble work and individual technique. Rather than rehearsing a single play, Drama Club will work to develop as many exciting new skills as possible, culminating with a final, after-school performance open to family and friends showcasing the Club’s many performance-based games and activities. The structure of the final performance is meant to ensure that every child gets a chance to shine and every session leading up to the performance is exciting and new!

Club Sponsors: Jason Lemire(Grades 3-5) & Stephen Bertles (K-3). 

First Lego League

First Lego League is an international competition open to middle school students in the fall. The competition includes Lego robotics, completion and presentation of a new way to solve an international problem, and a team challenge. This Club runs from August - December. A commitment of 2 hours per week is required to participate. 

Camp Sponsors: Ruth Hund (LS & MS Teacher) & Angela Moreira (MS Learning Specialist). 

Lower School Beginning Band

In beginning band (starting in 3rd grade), we will explore traditional concert band music, folk songs, holiday carols, and other songs. Students will receive a method book (“Standard of Excellence”) and supplemental materials.  Beginning band includes the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone (starting in 4th grade), and various percussion instruments.  Taking private lessons on your instrument outside of class is strongly encouraged. 

Club Sponsor: Jordan Craig (Music Teacher).  

Lower School Choir

Lower School Choir (Grades 2-5) will explore fun vocal warm-ups, rounds, partner songs, choreography, and two-part harmony.  

Club Sponsor: Emmy Valet (Music Teacher) 

Middle School Jazz Band

The jazz band includes the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Keyboards (Piano), Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Set, Auxiliary Percussion, and Vocals.

Taking private lessons on your instrument outside of band to gain mastery of your instrument is strongly encouraged. We will explore both traditional jazz and popular repertoire. 

Club Sponsor: Jordan Craig (Music Teacher).

Middle School Choir

Middle School Choir (Grades 6-8) will explore three-part harmonies, music in a variety of styles, choreography, vocal technique, and sight singing.  

Club Sponsor: Emmy Valet (Music Teacher) 

Non Affiliated Enrichment

Chess Club

St. Anne’s Chess Club 

National Chess Master Todd Bardwick will be offering chess class for St. Annes. 5. The class will be structured teaching in the first half hour. Students will then play chess with each other the second half hour while Todd gives suggestions, answers questions, and helps them to better understand chess strategies. 

Signup through the Ultracamp system.

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a fun, innovative, after-school program that combines training for a 5K mile run/walk race with a fun, health education lesson plan. There is a place for everyone on our team; girls do not have to be "runners" to participate (but will enjoy it immensely if they are)!  We use the term running loosely – girls can run, hop, skip, speed walk or dance towards their goals. The lessons promote self-challenge instead of competition; self-worth instead of societal worth; and cooperation instead of rivalry. We hope to inspire your daughters to a lifetime of healthy physical and mental habits by promoting individual achievement, self-confidence, and team-building. GOTR is avaiable for students in either the Fall or the Spring.

Club Sponsor: If you are interested in becoming a club sponsor email [email protected]

Learn more about the program and register online here:  http://girlsontherunrockies.org.

Private Music Instruction

  • Learn More about Matthew and Nicole Langford - Conservatory trained professional musicians Matthew and Nicole Langford are passionate instructors and accomplished musicians dedicated to bringing their students joy and success. We will be offering lessons at St. Anne’s in the chapel after school. St. Anne's flyer.pdf (699.7 KBs)