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Lauren Kenney Berv’s (2002) best friend was her grandmother Laurene Kenney. She had four children, a few great grandchildren, and a lot of people who cared for and loved her. But when Lauren’s grandmother moved into assisted living, it became a part-time job for Lauren to care for her and help her create a brand-new way of life. She moved from living with one of her children to eating with strangers. Lauren wanted to help her grandmother preserve her core sense of self and find purpose in this new life. As a result, Lauren went through her grandmother’s clothes to create a more functional wardrobe, had her wedding ring resized, did some personalized shopping, and problem-solved around what to keep, what to put in storage, and what to give away. She helped schedule appointments, provide for transportation, and managed her grandmother’s personal calendar. Lauren also helped organize her new living space and even queued up movies and TV shows to watch, all to bring the comforts of home to her assisted living facility and make the transition easier.

As a result of this experience, Lauren is now starting her own business – a personalized concierge service for seniors called Brighter Daily Living. Her overall intent is to support thriving relationships, help seniors make connections, and live their best lives. Lauren was inspired to start the business not only from her experience with her grandmother but also from being a new parent during Covid and feeling isolated and alone. She feels those in assisted living facilities can feel like they’re in solitary confinement and wants to make things better for them.

Lauren’s grandmother passed away about six years ago; but her daughter Stella will be two years old in June. Lauren is currently studying to be a Certified Senior Advisor to help with end-of-life care and the journey of aging. Although she misses her grandmother every day, she celebrates the good life she lived and the friendship they shared to the end.