This month's Alumni Spotlight features Will Grant '93. In December 2016, Outside magazine contracted Will to ride 350 miles of the Pony Express Trail across Wyoming. After completing that journey with the help of a 16-year old cowboy prodigy and nine horses, Will felt as though he'd only just warmed up to life on the trail. And so began a new adventure to ride the entire 2,000-mile route of the Pony Express all the way from Missouri to California. Even 157 years later, much of the trail is still rideable, though few attempt it. Will used the narratives of Horace Greeley, the African explorer Sir Richard Burton, and Mark Twain to provide background information and context on westward travel during the Pony's tenure, which, when launched in 1860, was the most impressive mail service in the world. Will cataloged his adventure through his blog, The Last Ride of the Pony Express. To read his story, visit,