Welcome to the Alumni Spotlight! Each month, the St. Anne’s Alumni Association will be highlighting a SAES alum doing amazing work – whether that be starting their own company, building a brand, giving back to their community in a unique way, or just doing something really cool. If you fit that criteria, we want to hear about it! Send us a pic and tell us more.

Our first spotlight features 1998 alum Catherine Yrisarri, founder of See Why Projects & LUCA Media Collective. As a journalist and storyteller, Catherine has worked with some of the top visionaries, organizations, and companies around the world. Passionate about environmental issues around water scarcity, deforestation, and climate change, Catherine won a 2018 Emmy for best documentary film and the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for her documentary on the declining coral reefs around the world. Most recently, she worked with Participant Media and Al Gore to develop and produce the first immersive Virtual Reality series that chronicles climate change; it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Please join us in celebrating Catherine for her commitment to the environment and advocating courageously for others. Visit https://catherine-yrisarri.squarespace.com to learn more.