Thank you to our former May Queens for sharing some of their memories from their May Day experiences. From one former May Queen, “To this day, St. Anne's continues to be a small but mighty community of young students, dedicated teachers, thoughtful administrators, hardworking staff members, and invested parents, each of whom are committed to upholding the founding virtues of the school and cultivating a space where students learn not only how to be good students, but how to be good people. I am forever grateful to have been part of such a special community.”  

Additional sentiments from former May Queens:

"It is an experience I will never forget; a special and magical time; it was the time when it finally hit me that my time at St. Anne’s was coming to a close; such an important tradition; a rite of passage...What I remember most are the songs…the songs from May Days past have stayed in my heart over the years - these will always be with holding that title, I also represented my class as a whole."

Click below to watch a video from former May Queens: