This month's Alumni Spotlight features Chase Robinson '99 for his involvement with the nonprofit, Young Guns, an organization that endeavors to educate through Western Art and fund scholarships for students committed to agriculture, ranch management, or rural human/veterinary medicine. From Chase: "while everyone in their own way is a pioneer, I think we in the American West embody the traits of trailblazers best. Through an awareness of St. Anne’s past, I feel pride in being part of something bigger than me and comforted knowing this something will always persist without me. When we know the history of a place and our small but not insignificant role in it, our relationship with that place gains depth and perspective. As the Chair of Young Guns of the Coors Western Art Show, I’m committed to preserving the history and traditions of the American West. I think by remembering our past, both as Colorado natives and transplants, we achieve more through a shared sense of community and continue to attract other pioneers from near and far." To learn more about Young Guns, click HERE