Stephen Bertles

Grade 1 Teacher

Joined St. Anne's in: 2018

Degrees & Certifications: Bachelors in Human Development with Licensure in Early Childhood Education

Years in education: 11

Favorite thing about St. Anne's: My favorite thing about working at St. Anne's is the overwhelming sense of community that permeates throughout the campus. From the moment I first visited, to walking into work every day, it feels amazing! The support, camaraderie, and teamwork is the best! It feels amazing to be a part of something that is so extremely special.

Why did you choose to teach? From the moment I was in first grade I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Sister Janet Marie made going to school something to look forward to each and every day. Knowing what an impact that makes on young learners, I knew it would be a daunting task. However, it has been one of the most fulfilling choices I have ever made. Seeing the excitement of students eager to come into the classroom tells me I have the best job ever.

Hobbies or interests outside of school: My dog! Juggling, dancing, volleyball, and hanging out with my family!

Stuck on an island what book do you bring with you?/Favorite book: If I knew I would be stuck in advance, I would want it to be the Bible! However, if I just happened to be stuck without prior insight--it would be probably be some new book purchased for my classroom--latest purchase--The Happy Book by Rachel Kempster