Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we are committed to taking a thoughtful and conservative approach. As always, we have the long-term health, safety, and sustainability of our community in mind.

Our Commitment to Our Community

  • Consistent monitoring of daily wellness checker and prompt response to student and faculty/staff health and wellbeing

  • Orientation on safety protocols (such as handwashing, distancing, and mask use) and ongoing training for all faculty/staff and students

  • Regular consultation with our Children’s Hospital nurse consultant and other leaders in the epidemiology space

  • Timely response to cases of illness or exposure on campus: We commit to communicating early and as often as needed in situations that may affect the health or well-being of students.

  • Being flexible and accommodating as we meet the various needs of our faculty, staff and students: We are committed to being thoughtful and considerate with regards to student absence and a family’s choice to move to online learning.

  • Consistent support both academically and emotionally

  • Continuing to build spaces for growth, development, and understanding throughout the COVID-19 crisis and at all times

Your Partnership

The partnership between home and school is a critical factor in ensuring the well-being of students and our community.  In addition, this partnership will be necessary to sustain the cohort model. We ask that you consider our entire community when making decisions about school and life.


All families are asked to

  • Follow social distancing and mask guidelines recommended by state officials;

  • Be cautious and thoughtful about decisions made when off campus, mixing cohorts, traveling, or when someone is ill in the household;  

  • Submit a daily health screening before 7:30 each morning and before entering campus.

Parents are encouraged to

  • Vaccinate their children for this year's flu season;

  • Engage their children in age-appropriate conversations about wellness, emotional/mental health, and school; 

  • Communicate often with teachers and administrators when things are going well or when your child may be struggling. 

Families are asked to commit to community health by

  • Practicing extreme caution and keeping their children home when there is suspected illness, regardless of symptoms;

  • Being thoughtful when traveling; we strongly encourage families to opt-in to remote learning upon return to reduce the risk of exposure;

  • Picking up a sick child as soon as possible.

St. Anne’s is committed to our community, and your partnership is a crucial part of our success in 2020-2021.